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Husna Muller

Professional Experience
Over 26 years

Emirates Airline, Flydubai, Gems Wellington, Vision Concept Training Institute

Positions Held

  • Cabin Crew (Purser) and trainer (Emirates Airline)
  • Sales & Marketing Manager (Vision Concept Training Institute)
  • Senior Teacher (Gems Wellington Academy)

Training Qualification

Approved Trainer to teach Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)
Train the Trainer.
Human Factors in Aviation (HF)

Twenty four years of service experience in the commercial sector of the aviation industry has enabled me to develop a number of transferable core competences, including customer relations, professionalism, leadership, teamwork, training and development, communication, cultural understanding, planning, organisation, problem solving and the ability to work under pressure.

Having a tremendous amount of experience with First and Business class passengers, I recognize the importance of tact, discretion and absolute confidentiality at all times. As a result of this experience, in addition to my calm and collected nature, I am highly skilled and comfortable working with VIPs.

As a trainer and a teacher, I have gained extensive training experience, facilitating knowledge transfer to a wide spectrum of students, from newly appointed staff to seniors and pilots. At the same time, whilst in the air, I support the continuous professional development of crew through active feedback and direction.

“Previously, I have developed trained and inspired future Cabin Crew by developing private institute courses in the areas of preparing for the recruitment process of applying for an airline in the UAE. I have had the encouragement and assistance of the Recruitment and Selection Manager at Vision Concept Training Institute in developing these courses.

Second to my history in the airlines and the training career, I am a passionate trainer and I have managed to educate anyone that I can through patience, persistence and planning.

It is my absolute delight and pleasure to be a valued team member of Better Future Training & Services and look forward to working closely with you all”.

“Having been on both sides of the table, both as an Interviewee and Interviewer, I know what it takes to be successful in airline interviews and I am delighted to share my knowledge and experiences to help, guide and coach others to achieve their dream job working as Cabin Crew”.

Areas of Expertise

  •  Executive Recruitment
  •  Assessment Centers
  •  Career Development
  •  Law Enforcement Management and Training
  •  Background Investigations

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