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Talent-Plus Program

Helping Crew members to Maximise Their Potential

Better Future Training & Services offers a unique Talent-Plus Program that serves to enhance the career of experienced cabin crew.

Talent-Plus Upgrade (VIP Cabin Crew Preparation Course)

Better Future Training & Services takes the experienced cabin crew who would like to take their career to the next level on a training journey, where we will introduce you to VIP & Executive In-Flight Service from meet and greet to grooming to silver service to cuisine management.

With our VIP aviation service professionals, we will ensure you learn from the best.

The most exclusive and sophisticated in its range – Better Future Training & Services special VIP Cabin Crew training. It opens the gates to the splendid VIP world. Working as a VIP Cabin Crew, you will have an opportunity to meet such people you never could on a regular job, or travel to such places you have never been before. If you dream of having your office on the luxurious business jets with the celebrities and the best quality wines around, then this training is what you are looking for!

This special course is designed for those seeking to become a VIP cabin crew. Whether you are working as a flight attendant and willing to upgrade to VIP, or just simply aiming to acquire that special knowledge of VIP service – this course is the right choice for you then.

The course profile is extensive and versatile. Starting from the customer service basics and ending with an exclusive, the first class service training. Students will have an opportunity to visit a business jet, and part of the practical training will take place in one of the luxurious restaurants in Vilnius. Furthermore, you will pass the basic sommelier course, which will be confirmed by a special certificate. Moreover, you will learn essential tips how to make your professional look and style perfect

Remember that the expectations will be higher; we help build your confidence to handle the tough questions.

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