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Airline Start-up Services

To complement our cabin safety and service training solutions, Better Future Training & Services also offers consultancy services and critical support to start-up airlines in the following areas:
  •    Development of Training & Operations Manuals
  •    Supporting the Regulatory Approval Process with the respective
    National Aviation Authorities (NAA)
  •    Licensing and Certification Processes
  •    Monitoring (NAA)National Aviation Authority Audits
  •    Recruitment & Selection

With our Cabin & Service experts, let us help you with professional Cabin & Service Consulting, where we will offer our help with designing your VIP jet interior working with your outfitter and principle. Let us work with you in selecting the very best in crystal, cutlery and flatware that will ensure your VIP experiences the luxury of VIP flying. Let us identify your Guest’s Journey Experience and all the associated Touch Points. Let us design your service products from plates and flatware to crystal and cutlery. Let us assist in identifying menus and managing all the cuisine and catering around the world. Let us assist you in designing the uniform of your VIP crew and in developing the Cabin Service Manual ensuring the highest of in-flight standards.

A complete answer to cabin and in-flight service to the very highest possible VIP standards

If you have any query for related investment in the human capital... We are available

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